Rozendaal Astrolabes


Other astrolabe resources
Although no longer updated or managed, is still one of the most useful resources for people wanting to learn about astrolabes, including a lot of information and links to other websites and resources. The founder of the website also authored the much sought-after book "The Astrolabe".

- Norman Greene's Astrolabes
Based in Berkeley, CA, Norman Greene makes metal astrolabes based on Chaucer's in various sizes.

-Martin Brunold's Astrolabes
Though Martin Brunold does not make the astrolabes himself anymore, you can still order the same ones as seen on his website from his successor at Chronos Manufaktur.

-Book: A Treatise on the Astrolabe, by Geoffrey Chaucer, published by
The first book about astrolabes that was written in english. Read or download a limited version for free, or buy the paperback off Amazon.